T he first time I tried to meditate I was 13, and in a history class at school. My teacher, inexplicably, and perhaps driven to such lengths by a class of 20 teenagers, took it upon himself to try and get us to relax using mindfulness techniques. Or, what he thought were mindfulness techniques.

We all closed our eyes, and took some deep breaths. His first, and effectively only, instruction was the following:

“Clear your mind, please”

Obviously, it didn’t work. I watched thoughts emerge in my brain, yelled at them to go away, and grew frustrated as they invited…

Roy Andersson, 2007

Tomorrow is another day! Unfortunately.

You, The Living is a miserable and hilarious experience. In a series of deadpan vignettes, it follows the pallid, ghostly inhabitants of the Swedish town of Lethe and their misguided attempts to make meaning out of their lives and connections with each other. They are all selfish, stupid, scared, distracted and completely unable to communicate what they need to each other.

This petulant and ungenerous view of human nature is exactly why the film is so very funny. Except for one genuinely quite transcendent and touching moment towards the end of the film, it doesn’t attempt to…

1977, Nobuhiko Obayashi

“Obayashi-san, please wreck our studio just this once.”

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I fancied doing a little fun weekend project last weekend, so I thought I’d make a little bot that posts the otter emoji every day.

Just because, well, that’s quite nice isn’t it?

I’d seen stuff like Emoji Aquarium and Emoji Mashup Bot and thought they’re pretty neat.


I completed the Makers course a few weeks ago, and it feels awesome 🎉

I can’t believe it’s all over. I miss it a lot already. It might be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but it was insanely rewarding. If I could do it all again I definitely would.

The fact that I had not written any blog posts since the third week is pretty indicative of how full-on it can be! …

One big element of the course at Makers is pair programming. We pair with another person in the cohort every afternoon for a lot of the course, to work together on the challenge for the week.

It means that we spend a lot of time working closely with each other, learning from each other, and trying to solve problems together. It also means you are forced to verbalise your ideas to make sure they actually make sense.

As we are doing the course remotely, this also means that all of this time is spent on Zoom. …

It’s Sunday night, I’ve just about finished our first weekend challenge, and I thought I would try to put some thoughts down about my first week on the Makers course. Partly as a way to think about what I’ve learned, and partly because it’s just another step on my road to official influencer status.

A lot has happened already. The pre-course itself was really in depth and often challenging, but the learning certainly ramps up again once the course has actually started. …

James Forster

Chappy interested in tech, art, music and other things.

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